Amend evaluates our programs for process and impact, and conducts scientific studies into the causes, nature, and impact of road traffic injuries (RTIs) in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our studies can be as simple as a survey to measure schoolchildren’s retention of road safety lessons, or as complex as a multiyear, multi-country population-based impact evaluation into the effect of large-scale programs on RTI rates.

But whatever the methods and scale of our evaluations, our aim is always the same: to separate fact from opinion and significance from anecdote. And the only way to do this is via rigorous scientific studies.

Generally speaking, there is a limited scientific basis for road safety work in Africa because relatively little scientific work has been done in the area. With our studies, we aim to change this. And by spreading the studies’ results – via our programs and publication in peer-reviewed journals – others can benefit as well.