Commercial Motorcycle Rider Training and Secondary School Road Safety Education

Project Budget: EUR 212,000

Dates: September 2020 to June 2021

Funding Partner: Total Foundation




In September 2020, Amend and the Total Foundation embarked on a 10-month project to implement a secondary school road safety education program, called VIA, and a commercial motorcycle rider training program in Tanzania, Togo, and Guinea. This is project is planned to be phase one of a multi-phase, pan-African project to deliver these programs.


  • VIA is a comprehensive road safety education program for secondary school students developed by the Total Foundation and its partners. In this project, Amend adapted VIA to the African context and delivered the program to 120 secondary school children at two schools in each of Lomé, Togo and Conakry, Guinea and one school in each of Tanga and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The VIA program was deivered at each school, every day after school for a month via 40-minute sessions in road safety clubs that Amend established at the schools. The 20 VIA program graduates per school became road safety “ambassadors” to their schools and communities.
  • Commercial motorcycle taxis – almost always small, 150cc models – are proliferating across Africa. These motorcycle taxis provide affordable mobility to tens of millions and employment for huge numbers of young riders. But crash and injury rates on motorcycle taxis are extremely high. Therefore, Amend has developed a motorcycle rider training course specifically for commercial riders in Africa that is based on the UK’s Compulsory Basic Training. The training takes 10 hours over two days. In this project, we delivered this training to 80 riders in each of Lomé, Togo and Conakry, Guinea and 40 riders in each of Tanga and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
  • In each city where the VIA and motorcycle rider training programs were implemented – Lomé, Togo; Conakry, Guinea; Tanga and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – we held an event to celebrate and draw attention to the programs. Representatives from the government, Total, and civil society learned about the importance of the programs and saw safety demonstrations from the VIA Road Safety Ambassadors and motorcycle riders. The children and motorcycle riders received graduation certificates. The events also garnered considerable press coverage.


You can view the VIA mid-project report here and the motorcycle training mid-project report here.



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