Safe and Healthy Journeys to School for Children and Adolescents in Tanga, Tanzania

Project Budget: CHF 400,000

Dates: September 2019 to August 2021

Funding Partner: Fondation Botnar




Prior to this project, at almost 40% of primary schools in Tanga, Tanzania, at least one child had been injured on the roads in the previous 12 months. Through this project, we are improving road safety for children and adolescents in Tanga, thereby allowing them — and the city’s general population — to benefit from safe and healthy journeys. The project involves the following activities:


  • Pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure improvements around schools
  • Tailored road safety education for children and adolescents
  • School road safety clubs
  • Road safety ‘Kids’ Courts’
  • Bicycle training for children and adolescents
  • Safety training for motorcycle taxi riders
  • Monitoring and evaluation


A key strategy of the project is to build the capacity of local stakeholders, with the aim of enabling them to implement practical road safety activities beyond the end of the project.



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