From the Field: Simon on SARSAI

Simon Kalolo, an Amend Senior Programme Assistant in Tanzania describes his thoughts during a day in the field managing the implementation of Amend’s SARSAI programme:


Make it…

It’s another long day in the field for Amend in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The environment is hot, humid, filthy and unforgiving. I am supervising the construction of light infrastructure such as speed bumps, bollards, and road signs that will greatly reduce the road hazards that young children in the local area face when walking to and from school.  All of these works are part of an Amend programme called SARSAI: School Area Road Safety Assessments and Improvement.


… and they will come!

Today I am on the front lines of SARSAI, supervising the improvements and the material outputs that this programme has to offer. I like this work not only because I am protecting neglected young lives from road crashes on their walk to school every day, but also I am grateful for the appreciation that I receive from the public. To get to where we are today, we have conducted considerable amounts of research, assessments, and relationship building with a wide variety of local and citywide officials and professionals. We are well known in the area and as I go about my day members of the public call upon me to thank Amend for its work and commitment to road safety.

Time and again the community members we work with see their children injured and even killed due to the reckless behaviour of motorised road users passing through the local area. Racing, drunk driving and rat running (the practice of using local roads to escape congested key transport arteries) have become regular in the areas where we work. We seek to combat unsafe driving practices and help community members reclaim their streets for local needs and safe use.

– Simon Kalolo, Amend Tanzania Senior Programme Assistant