Kids’ Court is in session


Order in the court!

It’s about 11:00 am, February 28, at Escola Primaria Completa Guebo school in Maputo, Mozambique. The driver walks into the room and quietly takes a seat at a small desk. Before him sits a panel of four schoolchildren, aged eight to 12. One asks: “Did you know you were speeding? Do you know why?” Another asks: “Do you know what speed should be used around school areas? What is the speed?” And another: “Do you know that you are putting our lives at risk?”

The driver was just stopped by traffic police for speeding outside the school and brought directly inside. The children have spent at least two days training to act as jurors and educators. They’ve learned to be confident and firm. They’ve practiced at school and at home with their families. They are members of Kids’ Court.

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March 15, 2019