Safe infrastructure saves lives, and we’ve proved it

IP_WCThose of you familiar with Amend know that our work is rooted in research and evidence-based proof.

Proving, scientifically, that a public health program works (or doesn’t) is challenging, especially in a developing country where primary government data (e.g., from hospitals and police records) are unreliable. In this context, the only way to gather accurate data is to design a gold-standard, randomized control study and then go door-to-door, systematically interviewing residents — for months, in the rain and the mud and the heat. So that’s exactly what we did: designed a study in partnership with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and hit the streets, to determine if our school area infrastructure program actually saves lives.

And now we have proof that it does, detailed in the recently published paper, “School Area Road Safety Assessment and Improvements (SARSAI) programme reduces road traffic injuries among children in Tanzania.”

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June 8, 2018