Safe Development: New Amend/AFCAP/DFID Research Shows Ways Forward


Unsafe? For certain! But what are the solutions?

Sub-Saharan Africa has the world’s most dangerous roads, and rates of road traffic injury (RTI) are increasing as roads are built and vehicles are imported. Improving roads can bring important economic and social benefits, but these benefits must not be offset by an increase in RTI.

Previous Amend research has found RTI rates among motorcycle taxi drivers in rural Tanzania as high as 63 per 100 drivers per year. Imagine a profession where the chances of being injured during a year of work are 63%.

Amend recently carried out a study with the support of DFID and the Africa Community Access Programme to identify the causes of motorcycle crashes on rural roads in Tanzania. The findings suggest that safe design and maintenance of roads, and programmes to improve road user behaviour, have the potential to reduce RTI. You can download the full report here.


February 18, 2015